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Bitcoin and online casinos are the next perfect match. There are many advantages when it comes to bitcoins and gambling; Transactions are fast and anonymous, there are no additional costs and you don’t even have to worry about taxes. Bitcoin is not an official currency, so playing with them is not illegal somewhere, regardless of where you are located. However, there are some negative aspects when it comes to Bitcoin casinos too – the biggest problem is that it is difficult to regulate online casinos since those using bitcoins don’t need an official gaming license. If you deposit your Bitcoins into the wrong casino, your money can be lost forever.

Fortunately, games with Bitcoins and other cryptovalutors become far more popular, which means reviews have begun to come. But not even the reviews you find online are completely reliable. Many “professional bloggers” give any casino a good review, as long as they are paid well enough. That’s why I decided to start this website – I play quite a lot myself and dislike it when some bots put up reviews just to earn some money. The reviews on this page are 100% based on personal experience and feedback from my readers.

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Bitcoin at Online Casinos – How it works?

From a user perspective, bitcoin is no more than a mobile app or computer program that provides a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet is a kind of digital wallet that lets you buy and sell as well as send and receive bitcoins. You get a bitcoin wallet by connecting to one of the many stock exchanges available on the internet.

Behind the stage, it is a bit more complicated than that. The Bitcoin network shares a public ledger called the “blockchain”. This master book contains all transactions that have been completed, allowing the user’s computer to verify the validity of each transfer. The authenticity of each transaction is protected by a digital signature that corresponds to a sender address, allowing users to have full control and send bitcoins from their own bitcoin addresses. Processing of transactions takes place using special software. Anyone can process transactions and get a reward in the form of bitcoins – this is called “Bitcoin mining”.

Bitcoin casino

The first type of page is Bitcoin casino that only offers games with Bitcoin. In other words, they only accept Bitcoin as a currency. There may be Bitcoin casino sites that also accept other cryptocurrencies. These fall under the same category according to us. Thus, the first type is 100% focused on crypto currency and does not take any other means of payment. You could call them pure  Bitcoin casino sites. The advantage of these is that you can be completely anonymous. There is no transaction made between you and your bank without inserting Bitcoins directly through your wallet. This way you can play Bitcoin casino without any transaction costs or traces. The other type is hybrid bitcoin casino

Hybrida bitcoin casino

We call “Hybrida bitcoin casino”,  casinos where you can deposit money with bitcoin, but you can also deposit money by credit card, Neteller, or PayPal. The difference here is that Bitcoin is offered as a currency. Just like dollars, euros, pounds, and Swedish kronor, you can choose Bitcoin. Even these can be divided into those who offer deposits with a Bitcoin wallet and those who make deposits with cards, banks, or Neteller. If you make a deposit via bank, card or other means of payment to these pages, you are no longer anonymous. Your deposit will be switched to the bitcoin and you play with the bitcoin, but if you withdraw money, they will be exchanged. Unless you deposit a bitcoin wallet, of course. If you want to play Bitcoin Casino anonymously, it is important to be vigilant on these matters.

Deposits and withdrawals at Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoins can be used to make deposits and withdrawals at specific Bitcoin Casinos that accept this payment method. Once you have registered an account at a Bitcoin Casino, you can navigate to the cashier and deposit money. Remember that at the Bitcoin Online Casino page, you can both deposit bitcoins and withdraw your winnings in the form of bitcoins.

It is also here that you can activate any Bitcoin bonuses. Often there is a separate link with a title in the form of “Download bitcoins” where you are referred to a stock exchange if you don’t already have a bitcoin wallet. It is therefore no more complicated than getting a Bitcoin wallet and then transferring money from your wallet to the casino just like any other currency.

Bitcoin Casino is gaining popularity

Today, there are so many different online casinos, and websites for playing with Bitcoin on the Internet. Such Bitcoin casinos offer their visitors a wide range of slot machines, which are regularly updated and improved. Bitcoin Casinos in Europe or the USA give players a varied and modern game range and really good bonuses. According to players, it is much easier to play at a Bitcoin casino than offline. There are many reasons why Bitcoin as a payment method grows ever bigger. As said before, Bitcoin is free to play with and it’s something that players and online Bitcoin casinos love. All deposits and withdrawals are free, which means you pay no fee. That’s why the popularity of Bitcoin casinos grows every day.

The biggest disadvantage of playing at a regular casino is that you need to spend real money. In order to deposit money into an account, you must register an account on the website. Playing with Bitcoin means you play completely anonymously (if you want). This means you can play at any time and you will not pay any taxes on your winnings at Bitcoin Casino. For those who use Bitcoin to play online casinos, it is clear that Bitcoin Casino is the best in terms of payments. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to use real money or Bitcoin to avoid additional fees.

Why Bitcoin Online Casino?

If you are not a beginner then you can skip. But if Bitcoin still sounds confusing, unobtrusive, or even scary to you – do not worry. We’ll fix it now. Today, it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of Bitcoin. You have also read about bitcoin online casino and it’s not easy to understand how it works. On the surface, it makes it complicated, but in reality, you do not need any special knowledge to get Bitcoins and start playing with Bitcoin at online casinos. Bitcoin is a new, revolutionary way to transfer money online. And there are actually several advantages of using Bitcoin:

  • Money. Transactions between Bitcoin owners are quick and free.
  • Anonymity. You don’t need to prove your identity.
  • Legality. You can play at Bitcoin casinos in areas where gambling is prohibited.

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